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Obamacare 2023 in South Florida

Changes in Obamacare This Year Things You Need to Know

A June 2021 Supreme Court opinion gave Obamacare insurance a new lease of life by upholding broad provisions of the Affordable Care Act enacted in 2010. It was the third time that the law was challenged by insurers and Republican-dominated states.

The court said that a plaintiff must demonstrate a personal injury traceable to a defendant’s unlawful conduct that the requested relief can redress. The Supreme Court said that no plaintiff showed such an injury. Many experts on health insurance agree that the Supreme Court’s opinion will secure Obamacare plans for the foreseeable future. People from Delray Beach to Lauderhill to North Miami Beach were excited to learn their Obamacare health insurance plans through the exchange would continue from 2021 and beyond.

The number of subscribers to Obamacare is increasing, especially with open enrollment that extended to August 15, 2021. The total number of Americans signed up for the ACA is more than 31 million, including those from GOP-supporting regions like South Florida. The number is a record high since the inception of Obamacare insurance. Insurance premiums, according to Urban Institute, have been going down in the last three years.

Obamacare ( the Affordable Care Act ) requires minimum essential coverage (MEC) for everyone, including the low-income earners in cities such as North Miami Beach, Delray Beach, or Tamarac. A reprieve in 2021 is the scrapping of the tax penalty for lack of health insurance. However, you must report coverage status when making a federal tax return.

What is the Cost of Obamacare in South Florida?

There is no one single cost for people who enroll in an Obamacare assistance plan. The amount that individuals or families pay for their premium depends on:

How to Get Obamacare Assistance to Enroll

A helpful and friendly health insurance agent or a trained Obamacare enrollment assistant like the ones we have on our team here at Obamacare Assistance will help you understand coverage options under the Affordable Care Act or assist you in signing up for one of the plans. You can also find Florida′s health insurance exchange online.